Debating between 128, 256, or 512 SSD MBPro 13.3" 2.9 non-R. Can someone gently explain the difference? Can RAM be purchased/installed separately?

Gift for husband. He is a software developer, not much of a gamer, so I don't know what options would be the best. I am buying this as a surprise, so I can't ask him :( I know NOTHING about any of this, so feel free to tell me like I'm 5 years old...

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  • Hi Becky

    Bit late answering this one, but it might help someone else with the same query.

    The difference between storage space is just that: you can fit a lot more photos, videos, songs on a bigger capacity disk than on the smaller one. Imagine you want to save a film on the drive. Each film takes about 2Gb of storage. Say you take a lot of photographs that you want to carry with you instead of accessing the Internet to see them. And say you are crazy about your music collection. These would be reasons to go for a larger storage capacity. However, as most storage is in the Cloud nowadays, you should not let that bother you too much and instead go for what you can comfortably afford.

    You can actually tailor order your Mac - see the Apple store for details. Obviously anything above the standard specs will push the price up but if you want your gift to be future proof (as much as this is ever possible nowadays!) go for a larger capacity storage and RAM. For example, I am quite annoyed that my iPhone 5c which I bought a few months ago is already obsolete as its built-in storage is nearly full - just by the operating system. (I had to delete most of my apps, video clips and photos to make space to install iOS 8). Lesson learned.

    • Answered by Maria M
    • Nov 7, 2014