Does Mac Mini work well with music recording softwares such as protools?

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    I ran PTools 8LE with a Mac Mini for a year or so. I would get error messages continually due to lack of processing power, etc.
    I found a pre-owned Mac Pro 2006 Quad Core Intel Xenon w/8G RAM and it changed everything To the Better.(about $800)
    There are limitations: 10.6.8 OSX is maximum - but that works with PTools 8 so I'm happy. I would also recommend a Glyph hard drive
    to store your recorded data. They are optimized for recording music & also improve the process.

    And I'm not a computer whiz kid. Just an old guy that loves recording. I've had to learn the hard way.

    • Answered by Robert Lamar H from Kingston Springs
    • May 11, 2014