Does Publisher work the same on a Mac as it does on a PC?

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    Microsoft does not make a version of Publisher for Mac. The only way you can get your Publisher files to function is to export them on your Windows computer to a different file format and then use them on the Mac. Although this could definitely stop you from being able edit them depending on what format you export them to. Once you're on the Mac you can make new files in Pages, an application that comes in iWork, and they will look much better than anything in Publisher.

    • Answered by Keith S from Charleston
    • Oct 10, 2010
  • Microsoft Publisher is not available for the Mac platform, however, pretty much all publisher functionality is included in MS Word 2011 instead - and then some. While there may be some file fidelity issues moving from MS Publisher on Windows to MS Word:Mac, the new features in Word:Mac 2011, which include full screen editing and interactive 3D layers management actually offer a lot more than publisher - I was pleasantly surprised at just how good the publishing features are in Office:Mac 2011.

    Apple also provide some great features in their 'Pages' application which is part of their iWork suite and I just recently created large poster in this application without any problems - you can even drag and drop images directly from Photoshop when working with Pages which is very useful if you need the graphics capabilities of Photoshop and the text handling capabilities of Pages.

    • Answered by Chris M
    • Dec 7, 2010
  • They do not make publisher for mac, and as far as I know the file type isn't even compatible. There is other software out there for a Mac that does the same thing, and Apple's own iWork software has some pretty nifty features. Pages, for example, can make brochures and a lot of things Word cannot. I've never missed Publisher!

    • Answered by Austin B from Flower Mound
    • Oct 8, 2010
  • Like the previous best answer, Microsoft doesn't make publisher for the Mac OS X platform. However, if you have a full version of Windows and VMware Fusion, and you created a partition for Windows with the BootCamp Assistant, and then installed Windows on it, install VMware Fusion on your Mac OS X platform and one of the features of that Mac App will allow you to seamlessly run Windows apps right on your mac desktop without seeing the Windows Desktop or having to boot directly into Windows. Another thing you might want to do is make sure your Windows platform is protected with either an Anti-Virus or Internet Security suite (Internet Security highly recommended). Your copy of VMware Fusion should include a complimentary license for McAfee VirusScan. However, if you prefer something else, feel free to use it. Just make sure to run it through both Apple and Microsoft to make sure it's safe to use. (I recommend going through Apple first, as they are the ones that manufacture macs.)

    • Answered by Benjamin J from Union Grove
    • May 12, 2012
  • You can use software such as VMware Fusion and set up Windows on your MAC computer. Then run Publisher on the Windows VM drive. There is also, a share file that is installed with Windows on the desktop where you can upload the file from the MAC OS desktop to your Windows desktop. Or vice versa. You can also, drag and drop files from the VM Windows machine to the MAC desktop or from the MAC to the Windows VM desktop.

    • Answered by Ron B from Port Townsend
    • Oct 17, 2010
  • install the parallel windows software, then use your .pub files in that,
    hope i give u an option.

    • Answered by Muhammad Afiq M from Gelang Patah
    • Jul 28, 2013