Don't want Mavericks, how can I get Mountain Lion?

I don't want Mavericks at this time, too many new OS issue headaches I don't need, but I can't find anywhere to download the Mountain Lion Installer that I got from Apple in the Up To Date Program Last year.

I'd even buy a new copy if necessary, but I don't see anyway to do that either.

Where are they hiding these things?

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  • For OS older than current OS but OS 10.7 or later, the process is to go to Apple Store (not App Store) and purchase a content code. Then one can go to the App Store to download and install.

    Here are the Apple Store links for the online USA Apple Store (replace each "DOT" with "."):
    Mountain Lion:

    Here are the Apple Store links for the online Canadian Apple Store:
    Mountain Lion:

    • Answered by Ewald W from Vancouve
    • May 30, 2014