eMac Book Air 11in (1.8GHz intel core i7, 4GB) VS Mac Book Pro base model and iPad 2

I need help making a decision about which product is best for me. My Toshiba laptop is close to the grave and I am looking to make the leap to MAC products. I am excited about this change but having some difficulty in making a decision.

I do a lots of pictures and scrapbooking on the current laptop so memory is something to consider. I have about 9000 pics currently.

I regularly check Facebook and e-mail. NO gaming really

I sometimes work on excel files, power points, and simply word processing things.

I travel regularly and don't want to carry around something bulky on the plane.

So now you see me quandary. Which is the better way to go. I was thinking a higher end Mac book air would fit the bill but I am afraid I might be disappointed. Whatcha think?
Movies would be nice on occasion too.

So what do I buy?

1. Mac book air- upper end model

2. Mac book pro -base model and an IPad 2

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    The Air is light and has a sexy appearance, but the Pro is a lot easier to use. Its text is readable (the Air's is tiny), it's keyboard illuminated and with more "clickable" keys, and it packs more graphical power for making and watching videos. I own both an Air and a Pro and if I had to choose only one, it would be the Pro. Then maybe an Air.

    • Answered by Robert J from Tucson
    • Dec 25, 2011
  • I was in a similar situation where I was debating between a Macbook Air and an iPad 2. Overall, I found the iPad was convenient and had several resources that I could use, but the Macbook Air gave me full functionality of a full computer which an iPad could not offer.

    It is a matter of preference on if you do not mind having two different devices which may help compliment each other. The weight of the iPad and the 13-inch MBA are pretty similar.

    If it were my choice, I would recommend a MBA - upper end model versus two devices especially considering the things you intend to do can be done AND that you travel regularly.

    • Answered by Shine S from El Cerrito
    • Dec 24, 2011
  • the pro is the only thing that makes sense. i have a MBA (late 2011) and I have a PC spec'd like a Macbook Pro. If you want to keep most of your pics on the hard drive then the SSD of the Air, even for the higher end models, doesn't make much sense. however, if you keep your pics for scrapbooking on a separate external drive then an entry model (13 inch) Air is fine for email and productivity stuff (ie excel, powerpoint, etc).

    the iPad shouldn't even be a choice as a replacement kit....

    • Answered by Eulalia B from Brooklyn
    • Feb 11, 2012