Going to be a college student soon... macbook air 13" or macbook pro 13"?

I've been looking up laptops and I really want to get mac product. I have a Toshiba right now (4 years old maybe?) and it doesn't work very well. I plan on having a career in nursing. But I've heard sometimes mac files aren't compatible with school, which kinda draws me toward a pc just to be safe. But I don't know.
The air is more portable but the pro has more memory..
I will most likely surf the web, watch youtube/netflix, download/listen to music, and do projects like essays/power points.
Can someone please help me decide?

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    Based on what you have listed, I would suggest the MacBook Air 13". You can get it with a 256 SSD that should give you plenty of room for music/movies. If space becomes an huge issue, you can get a portable 500GB or 1TB external hard drive for pretty cheap these days. As far as compatibility of mac files, you can buy Apple's version of Office (iWork) and save any of the documents in the same format as a PC would, or if you prefer, you can buy the Mac version of Office. I personally have only used about 100G of space on my MacBook that is necessary for school (projects/movies/music/small games), and having something light is really helpful for school when you have all your books already.

    • Answered by Nathan F from Los Osos
    • Jul 7, 2013
  • The Air should be sufficient. Unless you're doing anything really heavy such as video or audio editing, the size and weight of the MacBook Air alone should be a big plus for a college student like you. Furthermore, Microsoft offers a special version of Office to use on Macs which should solve any of your compatibility woes.

    • Answered by Greg W from Kanata
    • Jul 7, 2013
  • All MacBooks are bought with the pages and keynote apps built-in, which are like word and PowerPoint. After you've finished your project you click file, then export as, then you can save the file or send the file to your teachers as a word or PowerPoint document. That way, if your teachers have PCs! Hope that helped!

    • Answered by Amanda B from Ile-bizard
    • Aug 4, 2014