Have an ipad2 need new PC want to get MacBookpro Should I get retina display? Is it worth the money. Do alot of photos.

  • Asked by fn from Ambler

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    the retina display is definitely worth it but the only problem is that because its resolution is so high some programs appear blurry. the cost is quite high and honestly you are probably better to go with the regular macbook. although it does not run quite as fast or quietly. you can also get more storage with a regular macbook than a macbook pro with retina display.

    • Answered by Landon T from Spiritwood
    • Oct 17, 2012
  • The retina display macs are some of apple'a best machines. My friends have them and hey just crush my 13" non retina in almost everything, except hard drive space and optical drive. So yes the retinas are a very good choice.

    • Answered by Jesse H from Clarence Center
    • Jan 28, 2014