Hebrew-English keyboard for macbook pro

Can I order/buy a macbook pro laprop (15' retina display) with multi language keyboard (Hebrew-English)?

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    Ofir you cannot sadly get a Hebrew-English keyboard but you could buy a Bluetooth or USB Hebrew keyboard separately from Logitech.

    Hope this helps

    • Answered by Michelle S
    • Feb 5, 2014
  • Mac software lets you switch between Hebrew and English.
    In 10.8.5, go to System Preferences>Language & Text.
    Language will be highlighted. Drag the Hebrew language to the top with your other primary language.
    Still in the menu, go to Input Sources. Check the box Keyboard & Character Viewer.
    Scroll down to Hebrew and check its box AND check the box Show Input menu in menu bar.
    The Israeli flag or the flag corresponding to your other primary language will show in the menu bar now.
    To switch languages, click on the flag.
    A great test for this is using Google Translate. Text you enter in Hebrew will be entered from right to left,

    • Answered by Jo W from Hampton
    • May 31, 2014