How can I order Mac with a Russian keyboard?

I want to buy a Mac Air, and I would like to have also Russian letters on the keyboard. Is it possible to order from the site with Russian keyboard?

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    You cannot order Apple's hardware in the US in other languages (other than English, Spanish, Japanese, French). I called Apple's Customer Service and talked at stores hoping for a special order - useless. Not a chance! Apparently, Apple executives think that there are no other bilingual customers live in the US or Canada.

    If you really want something with the right keyboard then you should fly to the country your language is spoken (Russia).

    Personally, although I wanted to buy MacBooks I had to buy Windows notebooks as you can special order your language keyboard from most PC manufacturers.

    • Answered by Vlad G
    • Sep 23, 2012
  • The easiest way:

    1. Order the Macbook you'd like AND
    2. Order a russian wireless keyboard with it.

    So, if you need cyrillic just use the extra keyboard. It's 69 dollars. /us/product/MC184RS/B/apple-wireless-keyboard

    • Answered by Veit B from Houston
    • Oct 17, 2012