How can I transfer my itunes library to a Mac?

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    there are several ways:

    1. copy the files from the "iTunes" Folder in "My Music" and copy them onto a flash drive, SD card, external hard drive, or any other external storage method. step 2. Insert your external drive into your mac and copy the files to your hard drive - there's no step 3!

    2. if you don't have any CD-imported media on your PC that you want to keep - and everything was downloaded from the iTunes store, after your mac is connected to the internet: open iTunes from the dock or applications folder. from the menu bar select "store" and click "sign in". after signing in to the iTunes store with your Apple ID, select "store" again - but this time click on "check for available downloads" and anything you downloaded to your PC in iTunes will start downloading onto your macs HDD.

    3. Using a wired or wireless network: on your PC create an iTunes Home share (click advanced & then Home sharing ON). Then on your mac sign in to the iTunes Store like you would in method 2 and you will see your PC under "devices" in the sidebar. right now i can see "Joe's PC" and "Alan's MacBook" since I'm using my MacBook Pro right now (Joe's MacBook). click on your PC's icon in the iTunes sidebar and hit Command-A to select everything from the PC's library, and drag the files to the "Library" section at the top of the sidebar.

    depending on how much is in your iTunes library all of these methods may take time so please be patient. it is also advised that once you've moved all the files over from your PC that if you don't intend to use it again you De-Authorise it form your iTunes account.

    • Answered by Joseph H from Worcester
    • Oct 17, 2010
  • A friend of mine used a program called senuti.. (itunes backwards) it copies all your songs from your old computer to your new mac... you just sync all your stuff onto your ipod/iphone and sync it to your computer... (You may need to do it multiple times because of the space on your iphone...

    • Answered by Cameron J from Gold Coast
    • Oct 20, 2010