How can I use CDs with my iMac

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  • It depends on your iMac. Some time back Apple stopped shipping iMac with built-in CD/DVD RW drives. I have the early 2009 20" iMac that has a drive. Apparently your iMac is the newer family sans built-in drive. I suggest looking into the Apple superdrive or any attractive USB 3rd party reader/writer. There are some great picks available, but read the reviews before you decide. I have a USB 2.0 Bluray RW that plays CDs and DVDs on my mac mini(s) and I have no problems with it, but I have never recorded a blank disk with it. Mavericks sees the drive as a "real" optical disk device and applies all standard features to it when connected so I presume recording is as simple as some other posts on this thread have pointed out. OS-X does rock in that area.

    On the topic of "drive sharing" -- for a long time I though I could share my old iMac internal DVD drive with other macs on my network, but I just recently learned that "general" sharing is not supported, as in no access to movies or other protected commercial content. However, OS-X "remote disk" feature works well, owing to the highly constrained Apple funneling of access to only OS disks or Apple application distribution disks for purposes of booting, install, or upgrade of Apple-approved product content on the disk. Can't have it all, I guess.

    Is you can import ISO images to your iMac from external sources (legality applies, depends on what you are doing), built-in DVD player, and iTunes work fine too.

    • Answered by Peter U from East Providence
    • Jan 11, 2014