how do I get files off usb2 if there is only usb 3 on the new macbook pros?

My current MacBook pro crapped on me and despite your wonderful tech people, they could not retrieve the data from my hard drive. I am wondering, if I buy a new MacBook pro, how do I get the information that I have on numerous usb 2 onto the new laptop if it only has usb 3 ports available?

Also, I have a time machine back up on an external hard drive but I am afraid that a virus may have been the culprit of the significant damage done. The only things that I care about on that back up are my photos in iPhoto and in photo booth, is it possible just to import those items and nothing more from the time machine backup?

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    USB 3.0 is backward compatible with USB 2.0, so using your thumb drives or external HDs or what-have-you won't be a problem.

    If you fear a virus inflicted your data on the hard drive, I would be wary of ANY file you import over to the new computer, but, yes, you can pick and choose what to reinstall. Check out Migration Assistant,

    • Answered by Ross G from Austin
    • Jun 4, 2013