how do I transfer mail from MS Outlook to a Mac book pro?

I have a ton of email organized for business on Outlook. How do I get it all in to the mail program on Mac book?

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  • You can get Microsoft Outlook for you Mac by purchasing Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac.
    From there you can set up your email on Outlook and all your mail will appear.

    The easier and cheaper way of going is by setting up your mail account with the program mail.
    -The way you do this is by going to the top nav bar then clicking on Mail > Preferences. From there you click Accounts (may already be selected) then click the + square at the bottom and add all you account information for your mail.

    After setting up correctly all of your messages in the inbox/drafts/sent and any other folders you may have will start to download.

    • Answered by Logan M from South Saint Paul
    • Apr 17, 2011