How do the speakers on the new 13 inch macbook pro with retina compare to the ones on the new 15 inch with retina?

Are they louder, clearer, better? Are they equally as powerful? Are the speakers noticeably more muffled on the 13 inch?

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    I previously owned the 13" macbook pro w/out retina and found the speakers to be a little muffled and not really stereo. I recently got the 13 retina and OH MY the speakers are ridiculous. They appear to come out of the side ports thus L/R sound. In addition they are extremely clear and LOUD. I had portable speakers I used with my laptop and now I don't need them. The laptop is room filling. So coming from someone who has used both these are an obvious upgrade. I'm actually surprised I havent seen this mentioned in any reviews.


    • Answered by Isaiah H from Maple Ridge
    • Jan 8, 2014
  • I previously owned 15" macbook pro (mid 2010), and recently got a 13" retina. And the quality of the sound is just jaw dropping. It is all clearer, crispier and louder than what I had before.

    • Answered by Dhruv T from Berkeley
    • Jan 16, 2014
  • I recently upgraded to the 13" MBP w/ Retina from a 15.4" w/out Retina and I agree that there is an incredible difference in sound. I'm not sure why they don't market how crisp and impressive these speakers are but I was pleasantly surprised nonetheless. :)

    • Answered by Gustavo A from San Diego
    • Dec 5, 2014
  • Not sure if I got a lemon but I upgraded from a 13-inch macbook pro (2009) to a 13 inch macbook pro with retina display. Music sounds waaaaay better on my old laptop. On the new one, it sounds muffled and lacking. Not sure if something is wrong with the one I purchased but reading everyone's reviews it seems as though I should return it. My 5 year old laptop sounds MUCH MUCH better than the newest model. I can actually enjoy listening to music on it. I thought it was because the body is much smaller but hopefully when I exchange it I won't have that problem again.

    • Answered by Karin R from Long Beach
    • Jan 27, 2015
  • They are amazing, as stated above. I think the sound card in general got a huge upgrade -- even with headphones in bass is great, sound quality is crisp and clear. (I have the 13 inch)

    • Answered by Jasmin S from Hilo
    • Dec 11, 2014