How fast would Windows 7 be on a iMac Using either Boot Camp or Parallels Desktop, and what works faster out of them too? Thanks.

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    I have just bought a15" MBP non-retina, with 8Gb RAM. Windows 7 is running under boot camp and this works perfectly. Windows is lightning fast - for example, opening up MS Excel I don't even see the splash screen, it goes straight into a blank spreadsheet within the blink of an eye.

    I use Win 7 for my day to day work, and OSX for running my hobbies like Logic Pro and Final Cut. This set up is perfect, as I cannot envisage a situation where I'd need to quickly swap between OSX and Win 7. From what I've seen, Parallels slows Windows down quite considerably, but of course you get the advantage of being able to 'hot swap' between OSX and Windows - it's gonna be a compromise one way or the other but, for me, boot camp is the way to go. Allow yourself a few hours to get the install up and running though!!

    • Answered by M J W from Redditch
    • Oct 26, 2012