how many hours of music can I store on my iMac 2.4 GH

I have an iMac with 2.4GH and 4GB (RAM). How many hours of music can I store on this machine? Thanks.

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    Neither the computer's Processor, nor the working memory (RAM) are used to store your music. Music or Video is stored on the Hard Disk Drive (HDD).

    On the iMac, it has at least 500GB space, less the space needed for the Operating System (OS) and the Programs and Apps you have loaded.

    Assuming you have 400GB free space (400,000 Mega Bytes), and an average 3 minute track is 3MB, then -

    60/3 = 20 tracks per hour, at 3MB/track = 60MB per hour.
    400,000/60 = ca 6,600 hours or music
    However, that assumes the tracks are stored in mp3 format.

    If you copied the tracks in their original format, it takes up much more space.
    But even then, it would be 5-600 hours

    • Answered by Werner S
    • Dec 26, 2013