how many years should macbook pro last?

I'm buying a new mac computer. I will either buy the expensive version Mac Mini and I will upgrade the ram up to 16gb or I will buy the MacBook pro 13'. Either refurbished or new. In specs the mac mini is better. But I want the MacBook pro for portability but how many years should it last??

  • Asked by fn

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    My 13' white macbook w/ standard specs lasted me from 2006-2012. Around that time the drastic updates in operating systems meant I could not longer run the newest software. Although for browsing, youtube, watching movies, and doing some papers for college, it stilled worked fine. I gave it to my mother who uses it to this day for light browsing and such. Battery is pretty shot, but the machine still works reliably.

    • Answered by Anthony J from Cherry Hill
    • May 21, 2014
  • I have a MacBookPro from 2009. it is just now getting a little slow on the internet. It has a 250 gb hard drive and 4 gb ram. So i've gotten nearly 6 years out of it. It was a refurb purchased from apple.

    • Answered by Rachel B from Knoxville
    • Mar 18, 2015