How much power do I really need from a new macbook pro??

I need purchase advice on a new macbook pro. I need to know the difference between what I want, and what I need. This is what I want the new laptop to do;

(1) download 2-3 software programs to do a lot of video & sound editing
(2) I want to be able to run two programs or software at the same time. For example, using photoshop/apperture on one side of my screen while editing with FinalCut in another and be able to take a call on Skype without freezing.

I'm guessing 10GB of space exclusively reserved for that kind of power, but is that under the 8/16GB MEMORY option or the 256-768GB STORAGE option when buying online? On the "buy now" page. It says 8GB is enough memory for video & photos (which is exactly what I want!!) but then it contradicts it by saying if you want to use Aperture (photo editor) & Final Cut Pro (video editing software) I should get a 16GB...huh?!?!
Currently I have 25GB of songs/podcasts etc. on my iTunes & another 15GB of personal photos on my archaic computer but that's only over 6 years! Any important videos and/or media is stored on an external hard drive & I use a friend's PC to do any Photoshop editing.

Obviously, if I want to go all out I can, but then I end of paying the same price for a laptop as Steven Spielberg would, and I ain't no Steven Spielberg!! So what is it that I really need because I can't do anything with the model I currently have!?!

Thanks everyone!!

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    8GB should serve you well for running FCP and Skype. If you want to run aperture, fcp and photoshop at the same time, then 16 GB would be better.

    • Answered by Victor J from Ft. Lauderdale
    • Nov 20, 2012