How much software can a Mac Mini handle before it slows down?

I am looking to buy a mac mini and want to know if the software I want to install below will ruin the computer by slowing it down:

1. Pages
2. Keynote
3. Numbers
4. Print Software
5. Final Cut Pro X
6. Photoshop
7. After Effects

1 Answer from the Community

  • Probably the most demanding app you identify is Final Cut Pro X. That will run fine on a Mac Mini, particularly if you get the Mac Mini with the i7 processor. So long as you leave sufficient space on your hard drive for your program to run, it does not matter at all how many other programs you have installed. A 1 TB hard drive is more than sufficient to run these applications. You may wish to consider external storage if you have many files.

    • Answered by John W from Pittsburgh
    • Apr 30, 2013