How should i configure my macbook?

hey! (: I'm a freshman in high school, and i'm getting a macbook for my birthday. When i get my mac i think i will mainly surf the internet, make iMovies with friends, play around on Garageband, download and upload from my camera quite a few pictures, A LOT of music, and possibly a few videos here and there, but most likely not many. and I will probably get iWork or Windows Office Home and Student installed. how much memory and hard drive will i probably need? I'm not really tech savvy, so i'd really appreciate some help(: thanks so much!

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  • Hi there,

    If you are someone into video then pump the RAMS to 8GB.

    try to get i7 based Mac because they are good when you are into lot of videos and Music.

    Last but the main thing do get a good external drive and setup time machine backup.

    • Answered by Imran K from Dubai
    • Apr 10, 2012