How well does the Macbook operate with Boot Camp + Windows 7?

I am considering switching to a Macbook Pro 13, primarily because of my perception about its build quality and its backlit keyboard. However I do not wish to move away from Windows because (a) I do not wish to purchase new software, (b) I use certain software which can only be used under windows, such as Autocad, and Excel with VBAs. So if I get a Mac, it will have to be with Boot Camp. My question is: How does using a Mac + Boot Camp + Windows 7 compare with using a PC with Windows 7, as regards speed, reliability etc,?

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    Actually Bootcamp runs Windows 7 very well although battery life will typically be less then compared to running OS X on the same PC. I am a fan of BootCamp much more so then Parallels or Fusion or the Free Virtual software. They add a layer of complexity vs Bootcamp which runs Windows native on a Mac. My only complaint has been the battery life which is mostly because Apple does not bother to teak drivers to take advantage of all the battery savings built into Windows 7. Its not a significant drop for me. I typically get 3 to 3.5 hrs out of Windows 7 with a 2011 Macbook Pro 13". In the scheme of things Windows 7 should be as stable as on a PC machine although as I said the drivers for the Apple hardware will be updated much less frequently.

    • Answered by John S from Mount Morris
    • Aug 20, 2012
  • I felt same way, I know this question is old, but others may be asking it.
    Being a PC guy my whole life, it wasn’t until 3-5 yeas into the iPhone experience when I finally bought macbook/pro 17”, soon after realized one piece of software (yep, only one) out of everything I did, would only run on a Windows platform, and I didn’t want to leave it completely just in case.
    I am glad to say, at this point, my nortons needs to be renewed, but as I haven’t been over to”the dark side” in months, I am thinking of deleting and selling the windows 7 OS disk! But, even if I don't, two systems is awesome, it wouldn’t be, except dang macs or so well built, and so nice, windows and bootcamp have both worked flawlessly. If I keep windows it will be for the USB hardware stuff like my HD TV usb tuner and many other “peripherals” that work without instance with windows, but wouldn’t dream of working, let alone correctly on your mac :-(.
    Bootcamp, a very wise app from apple, lets you use enemies OS on your hardware, can’t do it the other way around! what a money maker, lucky, it was a deal maker for me.

    • Answered by Bruce L from Montgomery
    • Jul 29, 2012
  • First off Excel can be used under OS X, (Office 2011 for mac). Boot camp is just booting into windows from a mac so it's the same as loading into windows from a pc. Everything works as it should after you install all of the drivers. The only thing is battery life dwindles a bit.


    • Answered by Kyryll K from Naperville
    • Dec 29, 2010