I am a Music Education Student: 13-inch Pro or Air

Im entering yet another semester into college where I am a Music Education major. I use and intended to use programs like Pro Tools, Finale, Sibelius...etc, audio programs and music notation programs in general. I know these require a ton of power. Right now I have (an out of date) white Macbook which I had for HS.

I was thinking of getting a Macbook Pro 13-inch w/ i7 2.9 GHz and a 750 GB HD. The power and amount of space is appealing but I know lugging this around with my books and French Horn might get bulky and heavy.

The other option was the Macbook Air 13-inch w/ i5 and 256 GB HD. I heard that this computer is fast and the light weight design is definetly appealing and its design is awesome too. I am just worried that this might be a little too light hearted for what I need my next computer to do.

The price point for both of the Mac's are the same so its not a huge deal on where I will save money, my main concern is with the right choice of computer! Thanks!!!

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