I am a new DJ in need of a new computer, fellow Dj's suggest Macbooks. Which do you suggest? My current HP has gotten slower and unreliable.

I currently have 30G but need to purchase about another 30G of regular music and about 30 G of Karaoke music.

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  • That really depends. Since you mention that you are looking to migrate to the Mac platform from an HP I would have several things that you may want to consider. 1. Do you plan to keep using the software that you have been using and if so is it compatible with a Mac or does the manufacturer of the software make a version that is. Next question is what type of drive do you currently have your 30Gb of music on? Is it a portable drive? Internal to your HP? If you plan to use your music via an external drive what type of connection does it use and what format is the hard drive e.g. NTFS, FAT, FAT32?

    Now that I have some of the basic questions out of the way I would say that pretty much any of our portable Mac's should fit your needs but I would probably recommend looking at the Macbook Pro's. You probably want something with a larger screen so you don't have to hook up a larger external monitor. I would also recommend one with a large capacity hard drive to hold all of your files. One last major thing, memory or RAM. 8Gb of memory should be fine but I would really say upgrading to 16Gb will help when you are quickly moving between applications, have several applications open at once and to ensure that the Mac has every opportunity to move as fast as you do.

    • Answered by Norman J from Kansas City
    • Oct 4, 2013