I am a public defender and considering dropping my State-provided ancient PC lap top for a personally purchased MBP. Any lawyers made the switch?

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  • Umm I'm not a lawyer. But let me tell you. I've had a few cases that had it not been for my dear mac, I never would have gotten through. OneNote is on mac, and the endnote has plugins for pages. And putting work on the ipad is pretty cool to switch by the judge or jury, and searching for docs while a discussion is going is just fantastic. Security is excellent, encryption etc. the laptops are so powerful it's like having a machine with you.

    The best ever is presentations. Being able to flexibly present. I had to buy an Apple TV, to make sure I can hook to most units that have hdmi at our courts. For older equipment you have to piece that out. But once you get the set up it's like being a teacher you can present images, video, evidence, and keep track.

    It's really about accessibility. And for people with differing abilities it really gives an upward edge in communicating to an audience. Your PC lawyer friends will swoon with envy. Lol

    • Answered by Jennafer Y from Kayenta
    • May 21, 2014