I am an Engineering student and I am wondering if I should get the new 2011 baseline 13" MacBook Pro or the upgraded 13" MacBook Pro?

I will be running AutoCAAD on it and designing different items. I will also be using Fruity Loops beat making program on there as well. I may want to partition it and run windows with parallels too. I will also be doing some C++ Programming. I might start to record and edit videos for you tube as well. Along with the basic computer uses. Internet, email, you tube, pictures, music, word processing

Thank you

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    I am a Program Director for a cluster of radio stations, and I have a coworker that has the upgraded version 750GB hard drive. I purchased the base model approximately a week ago and I am extremely happy thus far. I use a couple of programs that allow me to literally do almost anything I can do at the office at home. With that said, I use it quite a bit. However, while I was making the purchase, I couldn't help but think about exactly what my needs versus wants were. He uses his for the exact same work, and as far as I can see, both machines run almost flawlessly and I paid less. I do wish they would include a word processing program with such an expensive purchase. The stations IT guy has a hefty super upgraded 15" Macbook Pro, and he would probably say...if you are running the above programs, go with the upgrade. Either way, you will not go wrong with the Mac.

    • Answered by Bradley C from Calhoun
    • Feb 11, 2012