I am looking to do all my accounting, simply, quick booke etc on a lap top from now on, is mac a good contender for these purposes and which mac book?

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    Mac is good for this. I would get a Mac with at least a 500 gb hard drive. As far as which Mac, it doesn't really matter if your just making spreadsheets or documents for accounting purposes. If you would keep your Mac at home, I'd recommend the basic iMac, if you will be taking your Mac with you, I'd recommend the basic MacBook Pro. For your purposes you won't need a lot of computing power, just a lot of memory.

    • Answered by Bob C from Madison
    • Jun 11, 2012
  • Yes, the new macbook pro would be excellent, however, if you are just doing data entry/ accounting (namely text based stuff), the macbook air is a lighter, cheaper option that will be plenty fast and powerful for your needs.

    • Answered by Alfred S from Roseville
    • Jun 12, 2012
  • If you are used to using a ten key pad then you will have to purchase a separate unite for a ten key pad. They are not offered on a lap top as of yet. If they did I would purchase two. However, Mac computers are great computers and handle quick books very well. My wife has a MacBook Pro and she is very happy with it. You would just have to use the numbers in the top row unless yo purchase the separate portable ten key pad. It works on Bluetooth capability but is a hassle because you would have another unit to carry. Why they have not made a lap top with a ten key is beyond me. I am used to one and so is my wife.

    • Answered by Joe R from Gulfport
    • May 6, 2013