i am running OS X Version 10.6.8 on my Pro. Can I skip a couple of upgrades and go straight for newest one or will that cause problems?

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  • The App Store allowed me to upgrade a recently purchased refurb'd MBP (10.6.8) directly to Mavericks, which I installed on an external drive.

    I continue to run 10.6.8 from the internal drive, to use Office 2008. The only feature of Yosemite I find useful is Facetime, and prefer 10.6.8's user interface.

    Recently, I booted from Mavericks on the external drive, and the App Store offered an update to Yosemite. That got Installed on the external drive, making it easy to revert to 10.6.8 if needed. I still boot 10.6.8, but not due to a problem with Yosemite.

    • Answered by Paul R from Whitinsville
    • Jan 15, 2015