I cant decide...

I cant decide whether to get a macbook pro, or a lenovo y500...

I do a lot of surfing the web.
Play minecraft all the time
And want to hit the bigger better games, my current only has 4gb ram :/

I know the pro comes with 8gb ram, but the lenovo would have 12gb ram and 1Tb hd...


-8gb ram
-750gb hdd

12gb ram
-1Tb hdd with 16gb ssd

I dont have a ton of money, I would have to sell my quad to buy either, but lenovo have enough left over to get another one.... I will be in high school for 3 more years, and i want a lasting laptop... My brother got a lenovo last year and has had no problems...

Any input would be great!

I want a retina, but i wouldnt have near enough money for it, so regular it goes....

Thanks, ~Sawyer~

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