I dislike Windows 7 and am unsure of Windows 8. If I am going to change, maybe a Mac? I am disabled, 11" or 13" to small. Any tips?

I use my laptop for home use, emails, photography and shopping and Ancestry. I am on a limited budget but have wanted a Mac for many years. As Windows have developed 8 and it is totally different is it worth investing in a refurb 15". They are still quite expensive.
My fingers are rather crooked and I need a hand span I think.
I am unsure what to do, but would like a DVD slot.
I have an iPad.
Any advice anyone?

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    A 15 in. Retina Macbook Pro (default customization) would be a really fast computer, that would work well for you. (Or you could get refurbished of any 15 inch Pro.) If you do get a Retina though you will have to buy a SuperDrive to connect to your Mac.

    ***Note, that the 15in.'s Keyboard is the same size as the 13in MacBooks'.

    If you do decide to get a 13in, go for the Macbook Air, with 256 Gb. Maybe with 8Gb of RAM if you do Professional Photography (Like Aperture or Photoshop). The MacBook air would also require a superdrive.

    • Answered by Mark B from Golden
    • Aug 11, 2013