I have a Color Sync 20 inch monitor attached to my Imac DV. Can I use this on my new Mac mini with the adapter ?

I have 5 Imacs and really rely on this monitor as I can't see small print well. Failing to be able to continue to use this monitor with my new Mac mini, would an older flat screen cinema display work. I don't have a monitor for the Mac mini yet and could buy a display cheaper than buying a new one but don't know which former Apple monitor to use. Buying the new Mini is going to wipe out all my cash.

Also, will CIV 4 & world of warcraft work on a mac mini ?

and paralells ?

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    The Colorsync will work if you buy a DB-15 to vga adapter and a vga adapter for the Mini.
    Also You Could Use a ADC display if you bought the Apple DVI to ADC however that costs about $150.
    Hope This Helps

    • Answered by Garrett W from Racine
    • Oct 9, 2010