I have Direct TV. Would the apple tv effect my Direct tv programs in any way?

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  • I am not real clear on what you are trying to ask, but I can tell you as someone that uses both DirecTV, and Apple TV that there is no issue using them both.

    Actually, the Apple TV uses a separate input on your television/monitor. Apple TV is not a DVR recording device to record your programming on DirecTV. It does however provide me with access to a veritable plethora of programming. Apple TV also allows me to see anything that is on my iMac screen directly on my LARGE screen TV. I use this function of my Apple TV to watch, and listen to lectures from my college classes. Talk about feeling like you are right there in the room! But with regard to your question, fear not!

    • Answered by Mark L from Mineral Bluff
    • May 18, 2014