I have OSX Mountain Lion 10.7. If I upgrade online to OSX, will it automatically update my OSX to 10.8?

I must upgrade to OSX Mountain Lion 8 in order to use my printer. This is my first MAC and I am learning the ropes.

I understand that I can upgrade to OSX online, but will it give me the 10.8?

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  • Yes, you can upgrade online. By "online", I mean the App Store.

    What you must do is quite simple:

    - Click on the Apple logo on the top left of your screen.
    - Select "App Store".
    - In the Search box (top right of the window), type "Mountain lion" (that's 10.8).
    - Purchase it (it's about 30$) and it will start to download. It's about 4 Gb, so expect maybe an hour, depending on your download speed.
    - The installation process should start as soon as the download is complete.

    Thats it! Good luck and enjoy!

    • Answered by Bernard D from Rosemere
    • Apr 16, 2013