I have some questions about what the MacBook pro can do and handle.

ok so I'm sold on the Mac. I hope to get one soon once I get money.

so I know it can handle school work. that's obvious. but I want to know if it can handle games. I will get the MacBook pro with i5 processor 4 gig ram and upgraded to I think it was 500 gig harddrive. so can it handle games like civilization revolution. those kind of strategy games? I don't play the super action packed games (those are for xbox) so can this computer play these types of games? do these games take up hard drive space and all that? if you could say what kind of shape your computer is in from playing games that would very much appreciated.

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    All you have to do is make sure those games are Mac compatible, that's it with the Macbooks. Every single Macbook is amazing and fast. They run everything so smoothing and they are amazing for anything you can think of. Macbook are also for people that are going into careers in the Fine Arts department.
    Of course games take up a bit of your hard drive space, everything does!
    My computer still runs smoothly and I have had no problems with it at all. It's still in the condition it was when I got it, unlike my phone and iPod, it is scratch free.
    I'm so careful with my Mac because it is holding a part of my life with it (such as letters and photos).
    I love the Macbook and I hope you do too (:

    • Answered by Audrey T from San Antonio
    • Jun 12, 2011