I just need a laptop save private documents. A little school related stuff. Download apps. Which one is better for me? MacBook Pro or MacBook Air

I want to buy a laptop. It should have high storage. Not a lot. But enough t survive the next 2-3 years before I upgrade. A 13-inch one. It's just going to stay at home. Save a few documents. Download books, videos, music and such. Save pictures too. Now I'm confused becuase as much as I like MacBook Air...the font is really small and I don't it's possible to make it bigger. So what should I do? Buy a MacBook Pro or Macbook Air?

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    Either one will do fine for all the functions you describe. I recommend that you purchase a USB flash drive for saving any "sensitive" items that you don't want public access to.

    This is something that you need to get hands on experience with. I would strongly suggest you visit your nearest Apple store and really look at the two laptops. Purchase the one that suits your fancy the best. Since you are concerned with the font size on the screen I would lean towards the model with the larger screen.

    • Answered by Geoffery Dean J from Edmonton
    • Aug 17, 2014
  • I have both. For you, most certainly Macbook Air.

    You will become accustomed to the small fonts, but if you're in a particular application and you need to increase the font size, simply hit "cmd +" one or more times. For you, the MacBook Pro would be unnecessarily expensive and heavy/bulky.

    You'll see some advice in other comments to change the screen resolution; however, this makes some apps not fit in the viewable area and is a pain.

    • Answered by Lisa F from Bedford
    • Jun 10, 2015
  • MacBook Air, definetely.

    • Answered by Javier Alejandro D from Dundrum
    • Mar 20, 2015
  • 1. on Mac, you can enlarge the character for the whole OS at the System Preference> Accessibility> Zoom

    2. If it's for light use I would recommend to buy a Mac Mini because you said that it's just stay at home, save photos and do light jobs.
    If I were you I would make that Mac mini to connect to my own TV and make it as a Media centre so you can share photos, watch Movies, browsing the web with that large screen running Mac OS. You can edit documents, editing pictures, download stuffs and do lots of things.

    • Answered by Calvin N from Markham
    • Jul 28, 2014