I just want to buy iWorks for my mac but I have 10.6 and cannot update to 10.7 at this time. When I try to buy it says I can't but I have a trail iWor

I got trial of iWorks a couple of years ago. I have never gone ahead and bought it becaue I could manage without it. Now I need it. I am using OS 10.6.8 and cannot upgrde to LION as my professional programmes don't yet work on Lion. I tried to buy numbers , following the clicks from my trial pack but was told I could not without upgrading to mac 10.7 Thats not right as I had the trial working on 10.5. Ive been all over support and downloads trying to find the old package iWorks 09 I think it is, to buy but have failed to find it. Help!

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