I need a laptop and a desktop. What is the best combo?

I am ready to replace my PC's with Macs. I need a laptop for myself. I run a small business and work 60% from my home office, 30% from my business location and 10% on the road. I use Quickbooks and need to connect remotely to the PC's at the business location.

I'd like a desktop for my family. The "family" computer would be used for school work, internet, itunes, photos, games, etc.

I hope to eventually upgrade the business PC's to Macs.

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    For the family, I recommend an iMac (size is your preference).

    For you, if you don't need to do heavy work with video or photo editing, then a basic Macbook or Macbook Pro entry level will do just fine.

    Combine that with an Airport Extreme Base Station (it interfaces with the Mac much easier than a typical wireless router), provides the best performance with Dual-Band technology, and offers a USB port for connecting an external hard drive.

    If you have a wireless printer, you are all set, otherwise, invest in one!
    Look for a model that allows wireless printing AND wireless scanning.

    That's how my setup works and I couldn't be happier!
    I hope my recommendation helps!

    • Answered by Brian D from Hatboro
    • Jul 6, 2011
  • i pesonally have the late 2009 imac 21.5 inch and the early 2011 13" mac book pro.
    works great portability and power house.

    • Answered by Muzammil S from Alexandria
    • Jun 20, 2011