I want to buy a Macbook pro. Should i get retina display? Is it worth the extra money. Need for photos, word, spreadsheet. have ipad2

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    Go with the MacBook Pro.
    I purchased the Retina display and it is a great machine!!! Lightning FAST!!! I love the Flash Storage verses the traditional HD.

    But, then I discovered the lack of HD space, lack of CD/DVD drive/burner, no ethernet port connection, etc. I have a ton of photo's and music and need accessible storage with or without an internet connection. I purchased a 1.5 TB external HD to begin storing my photo's and music on; then I started looking at burners. I realized it was going to cost me a lot more to "accessorize" this machine just to use and then carry that "bulk".

    The Retina Display, as nice as it is, is like a fancy MacBook Air... and you need to rely on "Cloud". This didn't work for me : ( However, I think it works great for a lot of people who don't have the same needs as me of HD space, burners, etc.

    I returned the Retina Display machine (within time limit) and exchanged it for the Laptop "work horse"... The 15" MacBook Pro with the 750 hard drive and the faster processor. I love it : ) and I don't regret this decision one bit. I also have the "new" iPad (March) and love it. Found that I needed a computer and couldn't rely solely on the iPad. Probably because of my technology background.

    • Answered by Diane G from Ann Arbor
    • Nov 23, 2012
  • No, not really, if you only use it for office works and simple photo editing, then the normal MacBook Pro is more than enough.

    • Answered by Theresia W from Bogor
    • Oct 28, 2012