I want to develop apps for the iPhone and iPad. What is the best option (price vs features)? Will the mac mini work? Or is entry level a macbook?

Development of apps for iPhone and iPad

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    I've been working with Macintosh computers for over 10 years and I think a Mac Mini or a Macbook will do the job for whan you are going to use it for, but It depends on what you already have handy or if you need some portablity. If you have a monitor, keyboard and mouse and don't need portablity, i'd say go for a entry level mac mini. If you're needing portability or don't have a monitor keyboard or mouse, go for the entry level macbook. And you'll still have lots power to spare to make this particular computer more than just a programming one, if you so desire.

    If you're looking for more deals, go to the special deals area of the Apple Store, and browse through their refurbished products. They are tested more heavily than even new ones and are made with brand new parts.

    For developing an iPhone or iPad app, you need to have a Intel based macintosh computer, and any computer on the refurbished store should have that processor.

    • Answered by Jerad H from Saskatoon
    • Oct 26, 2010