I will be managing a cooking blog, uploading photos of food etc, responding to feedback etc also managing a webpage where purchase is an option...

...writing a great deal, putting together presentations, flyers, and various invitations. need webcam for school and social communication, surfing the web, email. I am trying to decide between a dell pc and mac book pro. not sure which way to go for best quality of photo, color, clarity, graphic options and design, etc. please help. thx a mil :)

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  • Dell is ugly, has bad screens, runs louder and more hot, less battery life, overly expensive for what you get, and worst of all ,Windows... Now I kinda like Windows 7, but compared to OS X.. OS X kicks ***... You don't need a pro, for what you do, you can go with an air,, but definitely a Mac... If you want the greatest experience with photo and such... The Retina MBP... That screen is awesome.

    • Answered by Casper S
    • Aug 10, 2013