i5 vs i7 MBA for ios development

I'm looking to learn Xcode and iOS development so I will be buying my first Mac. Whatever I buy will double as my wife's casual laptop for Internet browsing when I'm not working on it so we were leaning towards a MacBook Air. From what I read, they do work decently well with Xcode considering I am a beginner and I won't be writing any graphic intensive apps for awhile. I already have a large monitor that I will be hooking it up to when working so the Retina MacBook Pro doesn't seem to be much of an upgrade. I'm definitely going to upgrade the RAM to the 8gb max but is the upgrade to i7 processor worth it for what I will be doing? This would be an upgrade from 1.3GHz (2.6GHz TurboBoost) i5 to 1.7GHz (3.3GHz TurboBoost) i7. The upgrade cost is $150.

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