if i buy a macbook pro from united states of america and i live in united kingdom can i get it insured here can someone please introduce 1 to me?

macbook pro 17" i want a complete cover, live in south east lond

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    Yes you can.

    Go to one of the Apple Stores and buy a plan called "AppleCare Protection Plan". It covers an international warranty in which you can have it repaired [well let's cross our fingers...] in most of the countries in the world.

    Moreover, it also extends the free phone call to the Apple specialist from the complimentary 90 days to 1 year as well as extending your repair service from the complimentary 1 year to 3 years time. The free phone call helps when you're in doubt in something or you want to know how to use a particular software and so on. Life sure is easier with it cause you don't have to find the ways to do it by yourself.

    Look for the "AppleCare Protection Plan" in the site and have a look at it. I bought the plan for myself too!

    • Answered by Shaneika L
    • Feb 15, 2011
  • Yes, the Apple Care Plan is accepted worldwide at all Apple Retail Stores and Apple authorized dealerships.

    • Answered by Shobhan M from Edmonton
    • Feb 9, 2011