If I install Windows 7 on a MacBook, (Using bootcamp) do I have to install any special drivers in order for the MacBook webcam to work?

Hi! I am planning on buying a MacBook soon, but I have so many Windows Programs that would not work with Mac OS, that I want to have Windows as well.

One of my main concerns is to know if the MacBook cam, needs any special drivers in oder to work on Windows 7. I am a have user of Windows Live Messenger, and I use the cam everyday!

1 Answer from the Community

  • You will need drivers, but the boot-camp wizard helps you burn all the drivers you need onto a DVD/CD before starting the windows installation process. Trust me, everything works great on my laptop running W7. I have less driver issues then with a real PC! Ha!

    • Answered by Geoffrey C from Springfield
    • Mar 11, 2011