If I use turbo boost for too long, too many times will it damage my processor in long term?

Hi i'm looking forward to buying a macbook pro 13" 2.9 GHz; I'm afraid that if i play to many games for too long it will burn the processor. please help me because it affect me buying a mac.

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    Buying a new mac and extending the warranty to 3 years is an awesome "fail-safe" if you will. So that has you covered for a nice chunk of time.

    As for your question, I highly doubt we're talking about any significant damage that your gaming could produce.

    Turbo boost is "built-in" to your mac, and therefore the system decides when to activate it. So you're not going to fry your system from using it too much.

    Obviously the automatic 'kicking in' of the turbo boost on a frequent basis will shorten the life of the CPU, but it's more than likely a very small imprint.

    You really have little to worry about, and the same issue would be on any computer with turbo boost. Mac has a 3 year warranty option that helps in contemplating these types of questions

    • Answered by Laurie M T from Sycamore
    • Dec 25, 2012
  • This type of turbo boost isn't limited, like the turbo boost in a car. Your MacBook Pro should be able to play games it will go fast, but I would consider a 15 for gaming. You will mainly get 2.9GHz but on some things you can get your processor to boost your speed.

    • Answered by John S from Ankeny
    • Jun 20, 2012