if I want to buy a apple computer as my main computer, will my windows vista laptop be compatable

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    Depends on what you mean by "compatible." Will your thumb drives be able to be moved back and forth? Yes. Will your Microsoft Word files created on your laptop or Macintosh be able to be used on the other device? Yes. If you have collected many Microsoft compatible programs, will they be installable on your Macintosh? A little trickier, but "yes": install Microsoft Windows programs in Boot Camp. Will you be able to unplug an external portable drive from your laptop and simply plug it into your Macintosh? At least to read those files, "yes." To move that hard drive back and forth repeatedly, it is likely you will have to remove all the data, format the drive in a mutually compatible format, and put your data back on that drive first. Then it will work fine. But knowing exactly what you mean by "compatible," would be very helpful to answer your question.

    • Answered by John W from Pittsburgh
    • Apr 30, 2013