I'm a decorator, I recently purchased the macbook air and now I'm wondering if the Macbook Pro with Retina is better.

I also own an IPAD...which I still need to learn how to use it's full capacity.

I'm not very good with computers and recently switched over to Mac from a PC. Everything is still new to me and I look forward in learning more about how I can use a Mac to help me in my line of business.

I enjoy editing my own photos and may consider Aperture once I become a little more familiar with Mac.
On my PC I used Publisher and I would like to learn how to do similar work on my mac. IE...create newsletters, email blasts, brochures, before and after shots etc. I also would like to purchase and learn a design program that would allow me to create floor plans with perspectives etc. Similar to chief Architect home designer suite.

I chose the Air based on it's weight (which I love) and all the features that Apple presented to me. After noticing the Mac book Pro with retina display I began debating whether or not I made the wrong choice. The images were amazing!

I travel around 4-7x a year and I don't travel light, however, there's always the option for bags on wheels. I find the 13" screen is too small for me and I 'm still not very savvy at using the larger monitor with my laptop when I'm in my office. I am very happy I switched over to Mac. but considering I have an IPAD and the programs I would like to learn, did I make the wrong choice choosing the air?

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    Hi Sandra,

    Once you've got used to using a Mac you'll wonder why you didn't make the change sooner. I did a few years back and haven't looked back since. Last year I bought a MacBook Air and I found myself asking the same question as you once Apple announce the MacBook Pro with Retina Display. I switched and I can honestly say it is the best decision I made. I had the 13" MacBook Air and moved to the 13" MacBook Pro with Retina Display and I think that the display size is perfect. The retina display makes such a difference especially for reading.

    If you are not doing too many intensive tasks then I believe you should go for the 13" retina. This should be brilliant for editing pictures and you won't notice the extra weight. If you have an iPad then having a Mac with a screen which is as good really helps.

    I'm not sure the Air was the wrong choice but most likely the logical choice at the time. Even with what I have said the Air should still offer you good capabilities in terms of editing images but I do think you would benefit from the extra power of the pro and the better screen quality.

    It is up to you of course but I wouldn't go for the 15" Retina as I believe you wouldn't use it's power. Of course if money isn't an issue then get the 15" if the you really are looking for the extra 2" of screen.

    • Answered by Ryan M
    • Nov 4, 2013
  • I bought the air maxed out my dad got the first mac book pro, pro is 2012 air is 2014, and the performance on his is better. They have same set up. but the macbook pro with retina is better thats because the air is power efficient and light the pro is performance efficient and almost desktop class plus you get that nice retina display

    the macbook pro is a much nicer laptop if you don't mind having an extra pound or two in your bag

    I agree with the screen size the 15 inch is perfect for photo editing

    • Answered by Quinton O from Woods Cross
    • Nov 17, 2014