I'm a graphic designer looking to invest in a new mac, trying to decide between mac book pro with retnia display or an imac for the bigger screen

Hello I am a graphic designer looking to invest in a new mac. Currently what I have now is a mac book pro version OS X 10.5.8. I loved the flexibility of having a laptop when I was in school but over the years the battery life is not what it was so I end up having to keep my current computer plugged in a all times. ( taking away some of the mobility) I am trying to decided on which new computer to invest in the Mac Book Pro 15" with retina display or go for an imac for having the bigger screen. I have never had a mac desktop before and was wondering if there are other designers facing this same dilemma.


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    If you are going to leave your computer plugged in, I would always go for an iMac. The bottom line is you pay for the flexibility of being able to carry your computer around. The same price point gives you much more performance in a desktop. If you are going to do some heavy lifting though, you may want to wait for the Mac Pro. From all the descriptions, it will be the finest computer ever made for design purposes.
    All that being said, my mac pro retina is the best computer I've ever had but I need the flexibility of working on the road.
    Long story short, it all comes down to how much you need the flexibility of being unplugged. My rule of thumb is if you think you need it-you probably do. If you are talking about 2 weeks where you are going to go to Florida on vacation, that's a great time for an iPad. If you might use it once a week on the road, get the mac pro retina if you need the power or the new air if you are going to do lighter work and want a better battery. Remember, you can always connect your laptop in a number of different ways to a bigger display when you are home so don't make your decision based on screen size unless you are unwilling to connect to a monitor or are going to be on the road a lot and the difference between 13 and 15 means a lot to you.

    • Answered by Patricia M from Hanover
    • Sep 12, 2013