I'm a photographer, wich Mac is right for me

Portraiture, Architectural, Food etc

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  • If you want mobility, you could opt for either 15 or 17" macbook pro. this is great if you plan on tethering your shots directly to a mac, or want to show it to your clients.
    but if mobility is not your priority you could opt for the Imac, which provide great real estate for editing and proofing of your work.

    I'm into photography too, but since Its only a hobby rather than a pro-thing, I opt for the entry level macbook pro 13" 2011 early. I didn't shoot for 15" or 17" inch since Im also planning to get either an IMac or an external monitor.

    hope that helps.

    • Answered by Angelo Bryan P from Las Pinas City
    • Feb 1, 2012