I'm getting the new most expensive MacBook Pro 13inch, is it good size for mainly surfing the web?

I'm not allowed the MacBook pro 15inch because it's too expensive and want to reassure myself so I'm excited when it comes! I will mainly be surfing the web, going on word and PowerPoint (I will get word for mac) and YouTube. I will be taking it to school most likely and will have it until uni. My last laptop is a 15inch and I'm afraid the 13inch will be hard to use as its a bit smaller. I'm sure I'm speaking nonsense but just want to be reassured I've chosen the right one! (PS I will not use any screen attachments or anything I just want to have the laptop) I'm happy with everything, just need to make sure size is ok. Any advice as quick as possible would be great. Thank you very much! :)

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