IMac + IPad or MBA 13" for business student?

So, I was set on buying the 13 inch MBA when one of the tech specialists said that a lot of students decide on the 21 inch iMac and the iPad, especially because you can use the iMac keyboard with the iPad and a case will take care of the work station. The tract pad for the iMac is also something I like.

At the same time, I feel like having both devices might be a bit much, when I can just use the Air. I'm worried that i'll be in some sort of group activity where everyone pulls out their laptops and my iPad can't get the job done.

But, an app like Splashtop will allow me to view my desktop using the iPad. So, essentially, the iPad could work for everything I need.
I feel like i'm making this really complicated lol.

And yes, I have thought about the Pro. I'm just not a fan of it.
In terms of usage, i'm your typical college student. I'll use it for web browsing quite a bit, papers, microsoft office, reading. I don't use it for gaming or editing of any sorts.
Thanks for any advice :)

1 Answer from the Community

  • I would go with the air. You definitely want to be able to pull out your computer at those group projects, because your iPad won't get all of those jobs done as efficiently as the laptop might. I currently have the 13 inch Macbook air, and the iPad mini. The combination works great, and I would recommend it to you too. Plus, it would even be cheaper to get an air and a iPad. You defiantly do not want a iMac for college, you will need something more versatile.

    • Answered by Dale P from New Meadows
    • Feb 3, 2014