iMac or Mac Book Pro

I am debating purchasing new equipment for my office and have finally gotten fed up with PCs! Between my boss and I we need two new computers. He wants an iMac and I was leaning towards the new MBP with Retina displayy. He does primarily basic computer usage: Email, word processing, basic flyer design, etc. I on the other hand spend most of my day in the Adobe Creative Suite programs, Vegas Pro, etc. Can any body out there make a recommendation for us?

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    For your boss, an iMac unless he wants to be mobile. Then, iMac + Macbook Air/Pro maybe for him if budget allows.

    You need advanced graphics for video editing and Adobe CS so Macbook Pro, MBP Retina or iMac will be good for that. iMac w/ 2GB video card is exceptional. 1GB GPU, 8GB RAM minimum. RAM can be purchased third party from OWC cheaper. Consider anti-glare on MBP if you don't get the retina. The MBPs also have better connectivity, with the Retina MBP you are locked into Thunderbolt and USB without adapting. Also, consider refurbished if you need to stay within a certain budget.

    Consider switching to FCPX while switching to Mac. Vegas isn't available for OS X. You could take your previous Windows installations and use BootCamp on a Mac to still use Vegas in Windows for past projects, but why would you when you could use FCPX, one of the best NLEs in the market now for $299?

    Office 2011 for Mac will be another purchase, most likely.

    While the office is switching to Mac, this is also a good chance for you to consider backup and server solutions. Time Machine backup at night could be good. Also, a Mac Mini running OS X Server on your main network hub isn't a bad idea for both security and ease of use. The Mac Mini could be setup as a network server and user accounts for employees can be managed centrally from OS X Server. It could also be your file server for sharing projects.

    • Answered by Stephen B from Redondo Beach
    • Jul 19, 2012